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Research Interests

Behavioral Economics, Health Economics, Environmental Economics

Working Papers

"Taxis That Skip the Queue Earn Less and Pollute More: Lessons From the World's Best Airport" (with Juin Kuan Chong and Teck-Hua Ho)

"Hot-Hand Bias in Medical Decision-Making"

"Is There a Hot-Hand Bias?"

"Path Dependency in Physician Decision Making" (with Rui Tang, Han Ye, Junjian Yi and Songfa Zhong)

"Dynamic Financial Incentives to Induce Long-Term Behavioral Change" (with Teck-Hua Ho and Ashish Sachdeva)


"Time Dependency in Physician Decision-Making" (with Rui Tang, Han Ye, Junjian Yi, and Songfa Zhong), forthcoming in AEA Papers & Proceedings.

"Sleep, Health and Human Capital: Evidence from Daylight Saving Time" (with Nicolas Ziebarth), forthcoming in Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Working paper version

Jin, Lawrence, Donald S. Kenkel, Feng Liu, and Hua Wang (2015), “Retrospective and Prospective Benefit-Cost Analysis of US Anti-Smoking Policies,” Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 6 (1), pp. 154-186. View Paper

Jin, Jang C. and Lawrence Jin (2013), “Research publications and economic growth: Evidence from cross-country regressions,” Applied Economics, 45 (8), pp. 983-990. View Paper

Bower, Wendy F., Lawrence Jin, Malcolm J. Underwood, Y. H. Lam, and Paul B. Lai (2010), “Peri-operative blood transfusion increases length of hospital stay and number of postoperative complications in non-cardiac surgical patients,” Hong Kong Medical Journal, 16 (2), pp. 116-120. View Paper

Bower, Wendy F., Lawrence Jin, Malcolm J. Underwood, Janet F. Lee, Kit F. Lee, Yuk H. Lam, Sui K. Ng, Alexander C. Vlantis, and Paul B. Lai (2010), “Overt diabetes mellitus adversely affects surgical outcomes of noncardiovascular patients,” Surgery, 147 (5), pp. 670-675. View Paper

Contact Information

Lawrence Jin